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The basics

Q. Where are you?

A. 14 Babbin Place, Caringbah South NSW 2229.

This street is very social with many children running around on Friday afternoons, so we ask that you please drive slowly if dropping off or picking up during our Friday PM hours.

Opening hours

Q. When are your opening hours?

A. We are open from 8-10am and 5-7pm Monday to Saturday and 9-11am on Sundays (Sunday PM is available by appointment only). Inspections are also welcome by appointment. Phone enquiries are welcome between 8am to 7pm every day of the week!

Q. Are you open during Public Holidays?

A. We are open for boarding, and drop offs / pick ups can be arranged strictly by appointment and at our discretion. Inspections are preferred outside holiday periods.

Q. How early do we need to book for school holidays?

A. If you are looking to book your cat in during one of the school holiday periods, please let us know as soon as you can. Christmas can sometimes book out by June / July!


Q. What are your daily fees?

A. A single cat is $30, two cats sharing are $50 and three cats sharing a double condo is $60.

This fee includes all food customised to what cats eat at home, unlimited play time in a gorgeous environment and endless attention from the team of Cat Ladies.

Q. Do you charge additional fees for school holiday/ peak periods?

A. No, we wouldn’t do that to you! Our standard daily rates apply. However, as these are the busiest periods for us, we ask you to pay a non refundable deposit for bookings during school holidays / public holidays.

Q. What if I only want to board my cat for one day?

A. A two day minimum fee will be charged regardless of length of stay. This is to cover our time – certain processes need to be followed to clean and sanitise each enclosure even if a cat only stays for a day.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. Payment options are cash, direct bank transfer, credit card (Mastercard / Visa) or BPay. You will be emailed an invoice when making a booking where all payment options will be detailed.

Who looks after the cats?

Q. Who will be attending to my cat while I am away?

A. We are lucky to have a fabulous team of “Cat Ladies” here at CCH. Claire is the owner who lives on-site and has her own cats Patsy and Eddy (11 years of age) plus the “guard dog” George the Spoodle who thinks he may be part cat too.

We also have our very own full-time Vet Nurse, Kathryn (or Kat as she is better known!). Kat brings to us a wealth of feline knowledge, being a foster carer through DCH Animal Adoptions over the past 12 years. Kat was also a volunteer for many years at the Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter where she now works each Saturday as an Animal Attendant. Kat previously worked at SASH Animal Hospital as a Vet Nurse and also did her work placement at Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital while completing her studies. Kat started as a casual with us at CCH back in March 2015 and is now here on a full-time basis – lucky for us!

Admission requirements

Q. Are there any prerequisites for my cat to board with you?

A. Yes, we request that you bring proof of current vaccination at admission, or email a copy of this to us prior to admission. Minimum vaccination requirement is F3 – if you are unsure of which level of vaccination to have we advise you discuss this with your Vet. Vaccinations should be administered at least fourteen (14) days prior to boarding admission. We also require that all cats have current flea protection and all cats must be de sexed.

What happens if we decide to extend our holiday?

Q. Is it ok to stay away longer than originally booked?

A. Generally this is fine, however during the school holidays or over a long weekend we would be very grateful if you could check in with us first to make sure we have the space. Of course we understand that sometimes emergencies and unforeseen circumstances arise.

We’ll be out of mobile range

Q. Where we are holidaying is out of mobile range. Is that a problem?

A. No, it isn’t, and lucky you! We ask all our pet owners to leave an emergency number in case we can’t reach them via phone. We are always contactable via our Facebook and Instagram pages too.

Emergency care

Q. What happens if something happens to my cat and they need a vet?

A. We will try to contact your normal Clinic to arrange for treatment by your own Vet. Alternatively, if your Clinic is not available we are located not far from many amazing Vet Clinics, and also a Veterinary Hospital which offers assistance on a 24 hour call basis. You can have complete peace of mind knowing we will look after your pet as if it’s our own.

Q. What if our cat requires medication while in your care?

A. We administer all medications supplied by you, and as directed at no extra charge. Medication needs to be clearly labelled and prepared (i.e. if tablets are to be quartered, we ask that you do this for us prior to boarding).

Do the cats mix?

Q. Our cat is quite timid – will she be forced to mix with other cats?

A. Definitely not. Each cat or cat family have their own secure and private enclosure and will be offered individual play time should they prefer not to socialise. Our cattery features three rooms and a secure outside play area.

Q. My cat is a bit of a socialite. Will there be any opportunity for him to play with other cats?

A. Absolutely. However, we tend to err on the side of caution by only having a small number of cats out to play together at a time, and this is always under strict supervision.

How secure is your facility?

Q. My cat is an escape artist! How secure is the Cattery?

A. We have never had an escapee! The outdoor cattery area is all enclosed with cat netting overhead and steel gates at either end and all netting and fencing is checked daily. Our entry features a double door system and one door is always closed before the other is opened. All windows are fitted with crimsafe mesh.

If any of your questions haven’t been answered…

No problem! There are very few cat boarding questions we can’t answer. Please don’t hesitate to call us anytime between 8am – 7pm on:

M: 0415 190 296 (Claire Clark – Owner)

E: claire@caringbahcats.com